When we surveyed the residents of Morningside Gardens last year about composting, over 200 households responded positively.  Many residents have already been collecting their food scraps and taking them to Greenmarkets for composting since their program began. Currently the Greenmarket at Columbia University on the east side of Broadway between 114th & 115th Streets collects on Sundays from 8AM to 1PM.  For other drop-off locations and for updates of scheduled times, go to the GrowNYC page here.




When the pilot program at the Gardens begins it will be even more convenient for residents to compost their kitchen scraps.  A collection bin will be located near Building IV, shown on the map here.  For more details read the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact us with your inquiries.





Several of our neighbors who are already active food scrappers describe how simple it is and share tips in the videos featured at the right margin of this site. If you haven’t already, see what Dana Minaya, Skip Delano, Liz Wiesen, and Anna & Rocky Minsky have to say about their food scrapping experiences.